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Profoto B10 AirTTL Duo Kit - QATAR4CAM


Profoto B10 AirTTL Duo Kit

QAR 10,600 QAR 12,500


    • 2 x B10 AirTTL
    • 2 x Stand adapter for B10
    • 2 x Li-Ion battery for B10
    • 2 x Battery Charger 3A
    • 1 x Profoto Core Backpack S


A big light in a small package The B10 has the shape and size of a medium sized lens and fits into any regular camera bag. It's also lightweight and cordless so it's easy to carry and set up anywhere. But on the inside the B10 is a big light. The B10 has the power of five speedlights which is enough to shape light anywhere - even in broad daylight.


With built in flexibility The B10 is more than just a flash. It is also a continuous light that can be used to light both stills and videos. The continuous light is bright, flicker free and dimmable. Adjustable color temperature makes it easy to blend with ambient light.

The B10 is also extremely flexible to set up. You can be mount it directly onto a camera tripod or on a light stand. You can also hold it by hand.

An ecosystem to grow with The B10 is compatible with over 120 light shaping tools including the OCF range. With these tools you can create any mood or feeling with light.

The B10 is also compatible with all Profoto Air Remotes – including the Profoto A1. The remotes let you trigger the B10 from up to 300 meters and you can use TTL and High-Speed Sync with all major camera brands. Smart connectivity with the Profoto App lets you upgrade and remote control the B10 from your iPhone. The app is also the first Profoto camera. It is a camera that puts light in center and lets you capture outstanding smartphone images in light of the B10.

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