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Sony MCX-500 4-Input Streaming Switcher - QATAR4CAM


Sony MCX-500 4-Input Streaming Switcher

QAR 8,000


    • Smart controls with configurable LCD Touchscreen
    • If you’re running the show on your own, you need controls that suit the way you work – intuitive and yet somehow also fully featured. The MCX-500 achieves this by carefully thought out physical controls that you will find easy to operate without looking away from the action for a second.
    • More advanced features can be tuned to your exact workflow requirements and mapped to an LCD touch-screen control with easily recognisable ICON buttons. Trigger the sophisticated effects you’ve pre-defined with a single touch on a user-defined ICON. It’s a robust, user-friendly system that’s easily extended to bring in additional team members as productions grow.

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