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Rogue Gels Lighting Filter Kit for Rogue Grid - QATAR4CAM


Rogue Gels Lighting Filter Kit for Rogue Grid

QAR 150

Item Includes

ExpoImaging 20 Different Color Filter - Durable Padded Storage Pouch - ExpoImaging Warranty


The Expoimaging Rogue Grid Gels come in a kit that includes 20 different colors (1 of each color) and a durable padded storage pouch with quick reference dividers to help you keep your gels safe and organized. Easy to attach and easy to change, Rogue Grid Gels are designed to be used exclusively with the Rogue Grid. They are cut to fit the circular design of the Grid Bezel and can be inserted in front of the molded honeycomb grids. The divider tabs include the names of the gels in each section as well as the f/stop loss and white balance values, if applicable.


Compatibility Rogue Grid Gels
Correction Filters 1/2 CTB (3200K to 4300K)
Full CTO (6500K to 3200K)
1/2 CTO (6500K to 3800K)
1/4 CTO (6500K to 4600K)
Plus Green (cc30 Green)
Heavy Frost Diffusion
Yellow / Red Filters Chocolate
Smokey Pink
Follies Pink
Bright Red
Dark Salmon
Oklahoma Yellow
Medium Yellow
Green / Blue Filters Deep Purple
Special KH Lavender
Just Blue
Medium Blue Green
Steel Green
Moss Green


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