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Godox Bowens Mount Quick Release Softbox QR-P70T


Godox Bowens Mount Quick Release Softbox QR-P70T

QAR 330

  • Parabolic Shape
  • Quick Release System
  • Reflective silver interior
  • Detachable inner and Front fabric diffusers
  • Compatible Bowens S Mount
  • Compatibility: Continuous Lights, Strobe Light

Godox Bowens Mount Quick Release Softbox QR-P70T.
An ultra-compact softbox designed for on-location work, small-space live streaming and video production. Its quick-release system simplifies setup and breakdown, while its parabolic construction, reflective silver interior, and detachable inner and front fabric diffusers ensure powerful brightness, high CRI, and even, soft illumination. it's your perfect companion for on-location and small-space shooting.

Ultra-Compact Design
The QR-P series, is ideal for on-location work, small-space live streaming, and video recording.

Easy Setup and Breakdown
To set up, lift the rods until they click into position on the speed ring. For an expedited setup, simultaneously lift two opposing rods. For breakdown, slightly lift a rod while pushing its button.

Soft and Uniform Lighting
Featuring a parabolic construction, the QR-P series ensures the light is refracted into parallel beams, generating uniform and even lighting. The silver reflective interior enhances light intensity.

Customizable Lighting
QR-P series comes with detachable inner and front fabric diffusers, which can be used together or independently to fine-tune lighting effects. The inner diffuser is made of a special material and is closely affixed to the softbox, improving color accuracy and ensuring even lighting.

Bowens-Mount Capability
The softbox is compatible with Bowens mount strobes, continuous lights, and can be used with Godox, Profoto, or Broncolor light sources when using the corresponding optional speed ring.

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