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Godox 7 inch High Brightness On-Camera Monitor - QATAR4CAM


Godox 7 inch High Brightness On-Camera Monitor

QAR 1,450

  • 7" monitor with 1920 x 1200 pixels
  • Peak brightness of 1200nit
  • Viewing angle of 160°H/160°V
  • REC.709 colour calibration
  • Up to 25 user-defined 3D LUTs
  • Robust metal construction


Godox 7 inch High Brightness On-Camera Monitor.

The 7" monitor combines a large screen with a peak brightness of 1200nit, so you can effortlessly check the screen to ensure perfect images. What's more, with its REC.709 colour calibration, fanless design, multiple power options and a wealth of professional tools, the GM7S is an optimal solution for vloggers, YouTubers, filmmakers and more.

Bigger vision, bigger world
The 7" 1920 x 1200 resolution screen provides a larger and clearer view, so your eyes won't miss a single small detail, and you won't have nightmares of faulty images due to a blurred display. What's more, with a 160°H/160°V viewing angle, the GM7S is the ideal solution for multiple viewers who want to see something at the same time.

Clearly visible in bright sunlight
With a peak brightness of 1200nit, the GM7S provides a clear and accurate display, which is especially important when shooting outdoors. Don't let strong sunlight interfere with your shooting.

REC.709 colour calibration
With REC.709 colour calibration, the GM7S guarantees faithful representation, which is the key to measuring the reliability of a monitor. What you see on the GM7S is what you get.

Support for custom 3D LUTs
By loading up to 25 custom 3D LUTs into the GM7S via an SD card, Instant Preview saves a lot of time in post-production workflows. In addition to converting log to REC.709, you have endless possibilities for creative shots.

No fan, no noise
The fanless design of the GM7S makes it completely silent, helping to improve its use in noise-sensitive environments.

Robust metal construction
The robust metal rear casing reliably protects the internal structure. In addition, the special design increases the surface area for better heat dissipation when working.

Camera control function
With the adaptive camera control cable (optional), the GM7S can conveniently access camera functions, so you no longer need to switch back and forth between monitor and camera.

User-friendly UI
Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the streamlined user interface provides quick access to frequently used functions for a simple, efficient and enjoyable experience. Combining the large touch screen with scientific design, the GM7S offers maximum ease of use and comfort to the user.

Power everywhere
Three options are available: DC, single or dual lithium battery and Type-C power supply, so the GM7S is never disconnected from the mains. The Type-C power supply is particularly noteworthy, an excellent solution for emergencies when shooting outdoors.

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