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DJI Focus Pro All-In-One Combo


DJI Focus Pro All-In-One Combo

QAR 6,950

  • 20-Meter Subject Focusing, 76,800 Ranging Points
  • Built-in Camera, Enhanced AI Recognition Algorithms
  • AMF Mode, Human-Machine Collaborative Focus Control
  • FIZ Lens Control, Magnetic Damping Tactile Feedback
  • LiDAR Waveform, Top-Down Focus Assistance View
  • Compatibility With DJI PRO Ecosystem

Box contains:


  • DJI Focus Pro LiDAR
  • Multicamera USB-C Control Cable (11.8"):
  • DJI Focus Pro Grip
  • BG21 Battery Grip
  • NATO Mount Adapter
  • Side Rail Rod Adapter
  • Horizontal Side Rail Adapter
  • USB-C Charging Cable (15.7"):
  • M4 Screw
  • 1/4"-20 Screw
  • DJI Focus Pro Motor
  • Rod Mount Kit
  • Focus Gear Strip
  • Multicamera USB-C Control Cable (11.8"):
  • 15mm Rod
  • 1/4"-20 Screw
  • FIZ Sticker
  • DJI Focus Pro Hand Unit
  • D-Tap to USB-C Power Cable (19.7"):
  • Focus Marking Ring
  • Carrying Case


Automated Manual Focus (AMF) with LiDAR
The DJI Focus Pro’s AMF with LiDAR mixes manual finesse with sharp automation. It precisely targets subjects within 20 meters, wielding a broad 70° field of view. It's packed with 76,800 ranging points and refreshes at 30Hz, enabling snappy focus — even on sprinting subjects. This tech marvel ensures that even when the action picks up speed, your focus stays razor-sharp, capturing the moment without a blur in sight.

All-New Grip, All-Around Capability
The newly designed DJI Focus Pro Grip features a 2.5-hour system power supply, intuitive screen operations, auto-calibration and data storage for 15 lenses, Bluetooth start/stop recording, and handheld shooting capabilities, offering an exceptional LiDAR focusing experience, even without a Ronin stabilizer.

Millisecond-Level Transition between AF and MF
DJI innovations introduce a new nimble switch between auto and manual focus, nailing changes in mere milliseconds. This quick-flip ability is a game-changer, especially when shooting unscripted moments that don't pause for pondering. It hands cinematographers the reins to instantaneously tweak focus, ensuring they never miss a beat. Perfect for the unpredictable, this feature is a solid ally in the fast-paced world of film-making where spontaneity reigns supreme.

FIZ Hand Unit with Magnetic Damping
The FIZ (Focus/Iris/Zoom) Hand Unit's magnetic damping delivers silky, uninterrupted control over focus, iris, and zoom. Precision rules as you slide through adjustments without jerks or jumps, critical for finessing those complex scenes. Its electronic A-B marking is the ace up the sleeve, allowing for repeatable focus accuracy, shot after shot. This precision instrument is a cornerstone for cinematographers who demand the smoothest of operations and spot-on focus pulls.

Enhanced Motor Capabilities
The upgraded FIZ motor on the DJI Focus Pro is a standout, boasting a trifecta of torque settings and a swift 10-millisecond response time, ensuring focus precision at lightning speed. Its compatibility with 15mm rods offers a flexible mounting solution across different camera rigs. The convenience of one-button linking with the Hand Unit means setup is quick and fuss-free, a vital feature for pros who need to adapt quickly in dynamic shooting environments.

Advanced Connectivity and Compatibility
The DJI Focus Pro excels in connectivity, interfacing seamlessly with the DJI ecosystem. It allows for Bluetooth-enabled command over cameras, making cable clutter a thing of the past. The DJI Ronin app syncs with the system, offering lens calibration and storing settings for up to 15 lenses — a boon for efficiency. Compatibility extends to DJI RS 4 Pro, DJI Transmission, and the High-Bright Monitor, showcasing its readiness for diverse filming setups with tech-savvy versatility.

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