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Godox Projection Attachment for Bowens Mount LED Light - QATAR4CAM


Godox Projection Attachment for Bowens Mount LED Light

QAR 1,180

  • 85mm Optical Projection Lens
  • EF Lens Mount
  • 360° Rotatable Design
  • Four Adjustable Leaves


Rotating design 360°
Thanks to a carefully designed construction, users can easily control the orientation of the projected light beam or gobo patterns. The ability to rotate 360° using the rotation of the front part allows for faster and more convenient work on the film set.

For LED continuous lights
The BLP projection attachment serves as a professional tool for shaping light in combination with LED lights with Bowens mounting. It fits lights such as the Godox SL series, Godox UL series, or Knowled M200 and M300 series. The special optical lens ensures clear projection. With BLP, you can create distinct shapes, light spots, precise shapes, and creative patterns according to your vision. It is recommended to use continuous light lamps with a maximum power of 300W.

Wide selection of lenses
In addition to the standard 85mm lens included with the projection attachment, there is also the option to separately purchase three additional lenses: 48mm, 65mm, and 150mm. Thanks to different focal lengths, the set is exceptionally versatile and suitable for various applications and spaces. The lenses are compatible with both the BLP and BFP (designed for studio flash lights) attachments. The lens mount is a standard Canon EF, which means that, in addition to Godox lenses (recommended for optimal optical results with the set), other lenses with this popular mount can also be used.

Bowens mount
The universal Bowens mount makes the attachments compatible with a wide range of lights. The BLP model can be connected to Godox LED lights with Bowens mounting. It is also possible to use the attachment with lights from other manufacturers with this mounting.

Shape the light
The BLP has four built-in aperture blades, allowing you to shape the light. Easily adjust the blades to carve out desired patterns. The handles move effortlessly, enabling the creation of incredibly precise shapes, such as triangles, squares, and more, depending on creative needs.

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